John Ziegler

CrossFit Level1
CrossFit Level 2
USAW Sports
Certified Fitness Trainer
Specialist Fitness
CPR / AED Certified

Coaching is everything to me. I began coaching professionally in 2003 in my home state of Oregon and fell in love with it. Helping people, seeing them improve and change has been the most rewarding aspect of all of this. As I watch our community evolve and achieve things they had previously viewed as impossible I find myself motivated to be a better coach and step my own training up. This has led to an evolution in my own fitness.

It’s become about the pursuit of perfection in movement. Working daily to strive to be a little faster, a little stronger than I was yesterday. Competing in obstacle course races and CrossFit drives me to work harder, run more, train more, learn more, eat better. It isn’t even about competing with anyone else, it is about my against me, doing better than the last time.


Stacy Crayton

CrossFit Level 1


Rachel Bryla

CrossFit Level 1

I’ve been a runner all of my life and only lifted to get better at running. Ran varsity track and field all 4 years of high school, and came back to coach while studying history at Lewis University. After college I missed the rush of competition and began running 5k’s. In 2008 I went to National Personal Training Institute and graduated in October 2009. In 2009 I was introduce to Warrior Dash and got hooked and then ran my first Spartan Race in 2011. I started crossfit July of 2012 to prep for a crossfit-esque competition and have been drinking the kool-aid since.


Edward Solis


CrossFit Level 1

I believe through fitness one can breed an unconquerable mindset that will create not only improved health but also happiness and success in all facets of life.


Nick Wahle

CrossFit Level 1

Coach Nick is an active duty Marine and avid CrossFit athlete and Coach. His passion for CrossFit and fitness in general can be seen in his lifestyle and in his classes.


Derek Au

USAW Certified

I got into Olympic Weightlifting in college. It seemed like it would be more fun than power lifting which I had been doing for about a year. I didn’t play sports before and was more a nerd than an athlete, but Oly just seemed to be something I developed a passion for.

I competed in the Aurora Weightlifting Spring Slam where I went 6/6 on lifts and took 3rd with 94/120. My Second meet was  the USAW Chicago Summer Open where I went 3/3 on the snatch and hit a PR of 105 kilos. Unfortunately I was injured in my cleans and have spent time recovering. I am back to lifting now and couldn’t be happier.

The best thing about coaching is seeing people improve. That “aha” moment and the way their face lights up when something suddenly is smooth and done the right way.